Property Marketing

Selling Your Property

Commercial Realty Advisors (CRA) specializes in Commercial Property Sales. Our approach is both locally based as well as nationally. We use several commercial real estate websites that other brokers and members of the public can access. Our connections with the local government gives us an edge on getting deals across the finish line. From zoning to assessments, we are able to move crucial things to accomplish Buyers and Sellers goals. We have a lot of connections in the banking industry and alternative lenders. CRA also works with several different tax credit structures including but not limited to historic, WHEDA, LIHTEC and TIF districts. We are also well networked in the community with BID districts and neighborhood advocacy organizations.

What is my Property Worth?

Often times we find that people don’t know exactly what their property is worth. Assessments are not always reflective of your property’s true value. An assessment is a number assigned by the municipality for taxation purposes. CRA will do a “live time” report of comparable properties that have recently sold, are of the same type and use. We may research hundreds of buildings to pair it down to the best six or so “comps”. Once the report is complete, we will meet with you to discuss our methods and opinion of value. It is important to go to market armed with a realistic price. Lenders will not lend over the appraised value of the property so it’s important to get this right from the beginning.

Marketing Your Property

CRA has a multi pronged approach when it comes to the marketing of YOUR property. There is no “cookie cutter” way to market a commercial property. We will do all the research to discover the highest and best use for the property. Once that is determined we will approach the target market. For example, if we determine the property would best be converted into self storage, we will use our national connections with all self storage developers to get the property in front of them. Depending on the property, we use various types of signage in different sizes, shape and wording. We will work with municipalities to comply with their codes.